The Future is Digital! As We all know, We are moving to a digital world at a rapid pace. So, to keep this up, the Australian Department of Home Affairs established an online service, “Immiaccount“, to allow individuals and organizations to create and manage visa applications by themselves electronically. Nowadays, paperwork has been shifted fully to computerized, and immiAccount comes up to eliminate all the document-related problems of agents and applicants. Moreover, if you are planning to migrate to Australia to study, work, and live, you must know about Immiaccount Australia. It is a digital platform that majorly helps individuals to process visa applications in Australia. It removes paperwork burdens and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

What is an Immiaccount?

Immiaccount is an online gateway with more features to track your visa applications. The Immiaccount keeps you one step ahead of the competition by facilitating you with all kinds of visa application assistance in all aspects. Also, It gives you the ability to do and manage things online related to your application. The things Immiaccount Australia allows you to do include attaching documents, completing and saving an application over time, updating your email, passport, address details, etc. On Immiaccount, you will get a complete checklist that will assist you in providing all details regarding documents required throughout the process, and most importantly, you can track the progress of the application. Read below to learn more about how to create, manage and use Immiaccount and what are the benefits of using this account.

What are the Benefits of Using an Immiaccount Australia?

  • Application Checklist
    Immiaccount Australia includes a checklist for all visa types, including migration rules, regulations, and laws that help you to ensure that you have submitted all information and documents for your visa application. Most importantly, the application checklist at Immiaccount will help you save a lot of time at the different stages of an application.
  • Document Storage
    Gone are the days when handling the piles of documents of thousands of applicants is tiresome for visa and migration. With ImmiAccount, you can arrange and upload all the documents online. Furthermore, access them easily when required and securely back up them all. All the documents are easily trackable and readily available when needed.
  • Easy Application Management
    Immiaccount is a user-friendly interface that provides every feature in one place for visa and citizenship applications. It allows you to create, submit, and track your application. Furthermore, You can quickly change any wrong information entered while applying. As mentioned earlier, it is a new self-service tool to apply for Australian visas.
  • 24/7 Accessibility
    An individual can access the ImmiAccount 24/7, as it provides flexibility that suits you. The worlds of authorities, migration agencies and clients have become closer due to innovations like ImmiAccounts. It is all because of direct access to the services and immigration documentation online. Well, it’s a positive breakthrough for the Australian Government to increase transparency and trust in their system.
  • User Support
    ImmiAccount Australia offers user support by providing guidance and FAQs (frequently asked questions) on how to complete the visa application step by step. Sign up for your Immiaccount today to receive important updates and notifications related to your application. The ImmiAccount helps in reducing the need for email correspondence or physical mail.
  • Payment and Fee Management
    Once you create your application, ImmiAccount allows you to pay or submit multiple visa applications at the same time. You can make all the payments by credit card (in Australian Dollars). You can use PayPal and UnionPay for some visa types. Immiaccount has streamlined the process of payment and fees management.
  • Convenience Immiaccount is an online gateway that requires only an internet connection to make the application process. It is so convenient and accessible to the user and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The new methodologies like Immiaccount give a useful edge to clients in the visa and immigration process.
  • Application History
    You can check the application history with your Immi account for reference, and it will be useful to keep track of past visas and other applications. ImmiAccount is basically known as the front door to all visa services online and much more to provide the best to clients. It is an amazing way of winning a client’s trust.
  • Respond Faster
    The Immiaccount is tech-savvy to speed up the migration process. It provides the advantage of keeping clients updated and providing timely information through it. It effectively manages internal and external communications and is quick to respond. Thus, if you are an immigration agent or lawyer, you can let your clients know about the time taken for the outcome of the applications with the help of ImmiAccount.
  • Track Progress of Application
    With an ImmiAccount, a candidate will know about the progress of an application. You can also select to receive status and communication alerts by emails from ImmiAccount if your application status has changed. Application tracking is a great and time-saving feature of ImmiAccount.

How to Create and Manage Immiaccount Step by Step?


  1. Create an Immiaccount

You can create an ImmiAccount whether you are a client, agent, or sponsor anywhere in the world. Firstly, you need to visit the official Australian website of the Department of Home Affairs to create an account. Then, navigate to the ImmiAccount section on the homepage. For the account creation process, click the “Register” or “Create ImmiAccount” link to proceed. There are two different types of ImmiAccount, including Individual and Organisation.

To Create an Individual Account:-

  • You must be an individual applicant
  • Or a family member that can create on behalf of the main applicant
  • Can be a friend to help applicants with the application process.Create an immiaccount
  • You just need to click here and fill in your user details, such as family name, number, and email address. Also, mention your account details (username, password), secret questions, security alerts and Enter the “Submit” button.Create an immiaccount login

To Create an Organization Account:-

  • It would be best if you were from an organization
  • Or a registered migration agent
  • You are from a sponsoring company

You need to Register here and Select ‘Organization’. Then, select the services you need, like Organisation Account, Administration, Online Lodgement, Visa Entitlement Verification Online, etc. Enter your user and address details and account information. After submission, Wait for Approval from the OAA (Organisation Account Administrator). If the approval request is still pending, then your account will remain like an ‘Individual’ account.

2. Access your Immiaccount

To access the Immiaccount, you need Immiaccount login details. Just go to ImmiAccount and enter your Username and Password; then Select ‘Login‘. Sometimes, you are unable to log in to your ImmiAccount. In that case, you can use the ‘I have forgotten my ImmiAccount username or password’ links or ask OAA (Organisation Account Administrator ) for help.

All usernames are unique for Immiaccount Australia, and you can’t alter or change them even if you close the account. The account may be locked for 60 minutes by entering an incorrect username or password (five times).

3. Manage your Immiaccount

The steps you can perform to manage your Immiaccount include Changing your account type, Changing your email address, Changing your password, Changing your alert preferences, and Changing secret questions and answers.

  • Change your account type.

You can request to change your account type if you create an individual rather than an organization account. Follow the instructions to change your account type, e.g. Login to ImmiAccount and Choose the ‘Manage Account” Option. Then, select ‘Request access‘ and select the online organization services that you need, enter your details and submit. If your account has any applications in Immiaccount, you can request an “online lodgement” service. Otherwise, you’ll lose access to your applications.


  • Create a new password.

You can change your account password to protect your account. It is often recommended to change the password every 180 days (an Individual account) and 90 days (an Organisation account). Let’s follow the instructions to create a new password: Log in to your ImmiAccount and select the ‘Password‘ tab by entering your existing password. Then, Create a new password and enter it twice to confirm and click ‘Save‘.


  • Change your email address.

It is easy to change your email address in your ImmiAccount at any time. For this, do an Immi login and select the ‘Account Details‘ tab. To change the email address, Submit your new email address and simply click ‘Save‘ and press ‘Yes‘ to confirm the changes.


  • Update your secret questions and answers.

You can follow the steps to update your secret questions and answers. Simply do Immiaccount login and Choose ‘Manage Account‘ to select the ‘Secret questions‘ tab and update your new secret questions and answers. Also, Click ‘Save

4. Apply for your Application

In this step, you will get to know how the ImmiAccount allows you to apply and manage your visa application step by step. To apply for a visa, you can do the following steps: start with a new application or continue with a saved application. In Immiaccount, you can Import an application and also share it with another account. Finally, Send an incomplete application, or if you don’t require removal, an application option is available.

All processes are very smooth and easy to use to encourage the user and migration agents to share the application with your client.

5. Attach the documents

You can attach the documents as per the visa application and make sure the photo of the document is clear. Select the type for which you are attaching a document and why you want to attach the document. You can select a document that is not on the list under ‘Other Documents’ and ‘Additional documents‘. Then, Select ‘Attach‘ to upload, which will show you the documents. E.g. You can select the address for evidence for your residence.


5. How to pay fees online

Doing Payment online is the last step when you lodge any type of application in ImmiAccount. Paying online for visa application on the Immiaccount is the fastest and safest way to pay. The payments will be charged in Australian dollars online. It will be shown on your account statement. Also, tell your financial institution before making a payment; otherwise, they might decline your Payment.

Sometimes, the financial institution may require currency conversion fees or additional charges. You can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, UnionPay, or BPAY. When you use a debit card to pay, enter the address of the cardholder. This information is just to confirm your payment details.


7. Track your Application

Most of us think that there is no way to track our application. Yes, we can track the progress of applications through Immiaccount if you apply online. You will get a status message to check the progress of your application. E.g. “Incomplete” message means that you have started the application but not completed it. The next will be “Ready to submit”, which shows that you completed the application but did not submit it. The Text “Received” means that they have received the application and assessed it within the processing times. The “Initial assessment” update shows that your application is under assessment. Finalized means the decision made on your application, and you will be notified by email or post.

Overall, Immiaccount Australia is an online platform designed by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. It is used to manage various aspects of the visa and immigration application process. It authorizes individuals and immigration agents to create an account and interact with the Australian Government’s immigration system online. To use ImmiAccount Australia, you must create an account and follow the instructions on the official Department of Home Affairs website for the specific visa or immigration process you are interested in.

Also, the registered users can submit visa applications, including student visas, work visas, tourist visas, and family reunion visas, through their ImmiAccount. The applicants of Immiaccount can receive updates, track the status of visa applications, and check for any other requests or documents. The successful applicants will receive their visa results through their ImmiAccount, which they can then print for their future records.